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Introduction to Traditional Lithuanian Songs
Musical folklore of the Belorussian Polessye
The Carpathians, traditional music and contemporary youth


Ghurt Yo-Ghurt (UA) Guda (BY)


zoomUkraina Ghurt Yo-Ghurt
Principal tasks
Widening the cultural horizons of the audience Enriching the aesthetic worldview of the people with new and positive music forms Having realized the in-depth commonness of music roots of different nations, "Ghurt Yo-Ghurt" presents the best samples of Celtic, as well as Balkan folk music to the audience.

Ancient and classical music supports the aesthetic development of listeners.

Maria Khmel'ova - vocals, flute
Yevdokym Reshet'ko - vocals, guitar, bass guitar
Tymofiy Reshet'ko - percussion, sound engineer
Oleh Put'atin - bass guitar, guitar
Jack Frost - guitar, sound engineer
Kyrylo Borodin - violin
Oleksandr Murenko - drums

Main Data and Events

  • Ghurt Yo-Ghurt was established at the beginning of 2000.

  • The first performance took place at O'Brien's Irish Pub on St. Patrick's Day (March 17th, 2000).

  • The first album "We have all around" was issued in March 2001.

  • The first time the group performed under the new name was in May 2001 during Oleksiy Kogan's jazz evenings.

  • They also participated in international festivals "Staraya Krepost" (An Old Fortress) and "Sem Cultur" (Seven Cultures) in Kamianets-Podilskyi in June and September 2001, and in television programmes: "Resheto" (Riddle) (Tete-a-Tete Channel), "Mosty" (Bridges) (ICTV), "Podyom" ("Wake Up"), "Zona Nochi" (Night Zone) (New Channel) and in the film "A Critical State" (1+1 Studio, NTV).

  • The group visited the "Fun Celtica" Festival in Moscow in March 2002.

  • In April 2002 they issued the album "Yo'Ghurt/Irish Cream" and participated in the international folk festival "4x4" in Kiev.

  • In October 2002 Ghurt Yo-Ghurt played at the "Viva Ukraine" festival in Wroclaw, Poland.

  • In January 2003 the album "Follow my Steps" was released and a video clip was made.

    Musical trends
    Due to a variety of creative aspirations and musical interests, the group's genre and style spectrum is rather wide: from folk songs and classical music to rock music and jazz-punk music.

    Folk music: Melodies of Irish folk songs, as well as Balkan countries' folklore, are interpreted by the musicians. It is an active, energetic and fiery instrumental music.

    Early and classical music: Compositions by Italian composers, as well as those by J. S. Bach, Y. Haydn and W. A. Mozart, create an elated and festive mood. Exquisite music performed by a classical trio (flute, violin and guitar) suits every cultural event.

    www.ghurtyoghurt.com MP3 MP3


    zoomBelarus Guda More than a decade ago, some young people - scientists and students - joined their efforts in order to research the ancient history and culture of their land. Experimental research in the sphere of archaic singing heritage was one of the branches of their work. They launched into an ethnographic expedition, in the course of which the young researchers established direct contacts with the living keepers of ancient tradition and made audio and video recordings of their performances. Co-operation with ethnic musicologists and folklorists during the decade-long work made it possible to single out and to imitate the peculiarities of the ancient manner of singing.
    GUDA performers practice "glasny speu" ("vocal singing", the term was invented by ethnic musicologist Mrs. Z. Mozhejko) which has roots in loud singing en plain aire. Basic aesthetic criterion in performing is the ability to "lead out loud" (prolonged singing with deep breath) and "raise" the song (singing with sonorous thorax lining). Plurality of sounds is characteristic to vocal singing, these sounds are linked in an organic way into melodic line of the tune (glides in ascents and descents, voice trembling, long and short pronouncing of some emphasized phonemes - spring -summer cycle songs, and the majority of wedding and natal songs are performed in this manner).

    The basis of GUDA's repertoire are ritual songs, the most archaic stratum of folk culture. Many songs are out of everyday use already - they have been reconstructed according to note records. All songs are performed a capella.
    The conceptual foundation of the band's first CD was the traditional calendar. The ancient year used to begin on the 1st of March (the old months could disagree with the modern ones). Observation of astronomical phenomena carried out by our forefathers allowed them to define precisely the beginning and the end of calendar cycles. Songs linked to ancient holidays are remnants of the old world, which lies deep down the consciousness of everyone who comes from this land.

    GUDA. Games of the Gods
    GUDA. Archaic ritual singing

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